We regret to inform everyone that this Summer of 2015, Burton's Bend Music Festival will not be taking place.  We have had a wonderful time in the past and are still grateful to all the fans, supporters, and performers.  We hope to see you again down the road and hope everyone has a great year!  Thank you all again!
August 8th & 9th 2014

The 5th annual Burton's Bend Music Festival
is on the horizon.  It's two full days of classy musical entertainment
in the form of Americana, country, cowboy, gospel, folk, pop, blues
and more. Bring your RV and camp in the Holbrook city park or stay
in a local motel or won't want to miss out on any of the fun!
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2014 Burtons Bend Music Festival is proud to bring you The Punches Family.  This very talented family of six call Fredericktown, MO home and will delight you with their "Gospel and Bluegrass Music From The Soul".  

The Punches Family

Also very proud to have joining us in 2014 - The Prowell Family - The Prowell Family is a four member family band hailing from Lenexa, KS.  This family is sure to bring down the house performing contemporary bluegrass gospel, with tight family harmonies and an energetic style
The Prowell Family

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Hi Everyone!!  We are contacting and building our entertainer list for 2014.  Looks like another big and exciting year.  We are planning some new acts this year and of course we can't wait to see our family of entertainers to The Burton's Bend Music Festival.  Visit often as we will be updating regularly as things progress.  

Hope to see you all a the festival:)